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Last Sunday evening, we sat down over Farmhouse beers with Farmhouse Fest Organizers Matt Kump, Jonny Evans, and Dave Shea to chat all things Farmhouse Fest. The Wet Hop: Can you all tell us a bit about yourselves? Matt: I’m Matt. None of us are in the beer industry, so that’s interesting. I’m a beer […]

It’s June first! It’s officially summer! Ok, ok. I know that technically the season doesn’t start for another 19 days, but the changing of the calendar over from May to June has always symbolically meant that summer is here, to me. The temperature is finally agreeable, school has been over for university students for awhile […]


A couple of weeks ago Vancouver lovingly welcomed award winning Bellwoods Brewery into our liquor stores (thanks Untapped Imports!) Bellwoods is a five year old brewery based in downtown Toronto. Following high demand and outgrowing their brewing capacity, they opened up a second location last year. Bellwoods tackles a spectrum of styles: wild ales, hoppy […]

The people at the weather station are promising really warm weather in Vancouver’s future, like mid-20s warm! That means I will be craving something cool, dry, and refreshing to quench my thirst as the mercury rises. While beer is the old reliable choice, I’ll probably be reaching for a cider this upcoming week. As much […]

We picked our Beer of the Week relatively early. We snagged a bottle last week and both decided not to open it until we were going to discuss BotW. Except that yesterday, Brewery Creek posted a haul of new arrivals, which quickly altered our initial plans. I immediately texted DF to which he swiftly responded […]